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A research in america provides located Lesbian teenagers have intercourse more youthful, have more lovers and
practice riskier methods than bi or heterosexual girls

One in five intimately active lesbian teenagers in the usa additionally reported lately having sexual intercourse with a guy, based on the analysis, posted inside the

Diary of Adolescent Health


The study in addition found, lesbian teens reportedly shed their particular virginity within ordinary period of 13 decades 9 months, which can be dramatically younger than bisexual (15 years 30 days) and heterosexual (15 years 6 months) girls.

Lesbian and bisexual adolescents also provide significantly more intimate partners than direct women, although bi kids reported having a lot more intercourse with guys.

The document reveals this might be because bi girls think greater social force to have intercourse with males, or since they feel greater sexual pleasure performing this.

As for safe gender, lesbians happened to be discovered to be a lot riskier after that their unique peers, with under a third stating that they had mentioned making use of condoms or dental dams through its latest intimate lover.

The document proposes this can be because ‘lesbians are less likely to think they’ve been vulnerable to STIs when having sex’.

Compared, nearly two thirds of bi women and three quarters of direct women said they had discussed exactly the same issue the help of its partners.

The co-authors regarding the research and president on the Center for Innovative community Health analysis, Michele Ybarra, explained:

The results emphasize that intimate direction labels and intimate behavior you should not constantly align – particularly during the teenager many years.

Which means lesbian and bisexual girls can be having non-safe sex with boys – with girls.»

Another, the college of Boston Columbia’s medical professor Elizabeth Saewyc included,

Intimate health knowledge needs to be detailed and address intimate wellness for everyone.

Products need certainly to show all childhood about safe intimate techniques for your types of gender they can be having, and therefore implies instructing pregnancy reduction and condom negotiation skills to lesbian and bisexual women also.»

Co-author Margaret Rosario, a professor of psychology at City college ny concurred, stating:

Experimentation is actually normal, which is why adolescent health professionals need to ensure that each and every young individual comes with the skills she must hold by herself secure.»

The analysis, co-authored by scientists from college of British Columbia together with scholar Center and City university of City college of the latest York, utilized data compiled on the web from nearly 3,000 me girls, aged 13–18 decades.

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